Common Ground

We have become a nation divided, or so it would seem. We are either liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, Blue or Red. We can’t understand those who voted for the other side, we speak of them as if they are unintelligent for holding these beliefs. Or maybe they have been brain washed. Or they could just possibly be evil.

But are we really that divided? Red and Blue states are never exclusively one or the other. Liberals live next door to Conservatives, Republicans work with Democrats. When we’re not talking politics or public policy there is often very little to differentiate us from one another. We cheer for the same sports teams, we enjoy the same movies, music, TV shows. If our children are on the same sports teams we stand united. If we work for the same company, or attend the same church we share a purpose.

In truth we all have far more in common than those red and blue maps would lead us to believe. And this is true across racial lines, religious affiliations or sexual orientation. Yes, there are differences between us, but are these differences so profound that we can no longer speak, live, love, work together? We all love our children, enjoy our vacations, worry about our futures.

If those red and blue maps are to be believed, we are a nation in the process of tearing itself apart. But this is true only if we allow it to be so. We don’t have to hate the Others, or fear them, or mock them for their beliefs. They are us, and we are them. The mirror shows us a reverse image of ourselves, but does that make the reflection something to be shunned? You and I may disagree on the finer points of political or religious ideology, but if we work together, I truly believe we can find the common ground  between us, that place where we can all stand united. If can do this, then there might just be hope for us yet.


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