An Introduction


Welcome. I intend for this to be a free ranging blog where I will discuss the many things of interest to me. First a little bit about myself: I was born the same year that JFK was assassinated (I will let you do the math); I was raised in and around Seattle, but have lived in Central Oregon since 2003. I am a writer, reader, father (1 daughter, 1 son), husband, backpacker, downhill skier, pet owner (1 dog, 1 cat). I have published numerous short stories, most of them in small journals you have likely never heard of but should read anyway. I am currently at work on my first novel, tentatively titled “The Whalesinger’s Daughter” and hope to finish this up near the end of 2017. The recent US political upheavals have affected me as they have many others, and I’m sure my thinking on these topics will find their way into future posts.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find what I have to say interesting and will come back for more.

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